Collab with Us

Brookbury is a new basic luxury brand on a mission to create joy from everyday moments.  As part of our introduction to the world, we are collaborating with influencers from 18-29 who share our values of natural, clean beauty, sustainability and giving back to the world.  

We have three themes we will launch simultaneously:

Bubble Up with Brookbury 

As Brookbury is emerging into the spotlight, so are you.  You are an up and coming actress, musician, Instagram or Tik Tok star, in the making.  We don't want to tell the Brookbury story in this campaign, we want to tell your story.  There are two parts to this campaign.

Take a selfie using Brookbury's organic, all natural goat milk-infused cleansing soap.  It's meant to be a portrait with only a subtle reference to Brookbury.  Use your creativity to make this authentic and gorgeous.  

- a 15 sec. video introducing you to the world, narrated by you.  Are you taking the train to the audition, hanging out with friends or behind the scenes as you make a Tik Tok or Reel.

Throughout, we will overlay your name and social handle of choice.  This is about you, your adventure and mission in this world.  

Our next campaigns are:

Back to Basics - this campaign is about wellness in these chaotic times and is meant to promote our naturally made, scented candles.  

Baby Your Skin - this campaign highlights our amazing skin salve, perfect for dry, chapped skin from elbow to ankle.  

We are always on the lookout for similar-minded influencers interested in promoting themselves in our Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Youtube and on our website,  We will place paid media support behind it, giving you significant exposure.  

Please reach out to us on Instagram and we'll be in touch.