About Brookbury Goat's Milk Soap and Scented Candles

Brookbury handcrafts goat's milk soaps and sumptuous scented candles right here in the USA.  We use only the finest ingredients, such as organic, hormone-free real goat's milk -- not powder.  Our goats are sourced from a family farm in Indiana. 

We are also committed to sustainable packaging -- that means no plastic, recycled materials whenever possible and no unnecessary stuff that just gets thrown out. 

We believe home can be the happiest place to spend our time.  Our mission is create joy in your home with these small but delightful products.  We want to awaken your senses, calm the chaos and bring good vibes to your space.

The name Brookbury is a portmanteau of Brooklyn and Woodbury, two places we've called home.  Brookbury is family-owned and operated and based in Woodbury, Minnesota.  Our name represents an elegant fusion of urban sophistication and country charm.

For questions or inquiries, please email yanin@brookbury.com or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


Yanin, founder