Botanical Skincare 101

Botanical Skincare 101

Botanical skincare restores and renews skin and hair using the power of plant-derived ingredients, such as Vitamin C, hibiscus, arctic root or caffeine.   Not only are these ingredients potent and time-tested, they also avoid harsh synthetics.

Botanical skincare can be very effective however, not all botanical skincare is alike, nor is botanical skincare the same as natural or organic skincare.  Let's break down the key differences.

Natural skincare simply claims nature-based ingredients, however that could include animal-derived ingredients.  Botanical skincare is derived just from plant-based ingredients. 

Organic refers to how the ingredients were farmed and processed.  Botanical ingredients can either be organic or not and there are specific requirements for organic seals.

Even among botanical skincare brands, there are going to be a huge spectrum between ingredient quality and the resulting efficacy of these skincare and haircare products.




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